Shane Palma's Portfolio

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My name is Shane Palma and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Missouri pursing a degree in sports television/broadcasting.

I am currently the Sports Director for MUTV, Mizzou's student broadcasting station on campus. At MUTV, I am the co-host of the Tailgaters program, covering professional sports from around the nation.

I am also the host of the Fantasy Football Laboratory podcast and founder of the Fantasy Football Laboratory brand.

Over the years, I have had many opportunities to explore and learn the world of sports broadcasting. I have interned at FNTSY Sports Radio Network, written for the well-known Fantasy Pros digital site, and become Editor in Chief of The FPM Shield Newsletter. I was even given the opportunity to start my own broadcast journalism class with a curriculum at Floral Park Memorial High School. 



During the quarantine months, I started a mini side project in which I would interview different Tik Tok influencers. The goal of the project was to allow for fans to see their favorite creators in a more personal light, all while attempting to introduce a more positive outlook on the platform.

MUTV has given me the opportunity to cover sports both on and off the court. Below, you will find packages that I have put together for Mizzou's basketball team along with clips from my professional sports show Tailgaters.

The Fantasy Football Laboratory has allowed for me to express my sports opinions on an even larger scale. I was able to produce numerous videos throughout the season highlighting key players that could help those who listened win a fantasy championship.

Click on the link above to view some of my most recent podcast episodes for the Fantasy Football Laboratory.


The pieces down below are some of my recent posts here on the Fantasy Football laboratory website.