River Light Kiwame Premium Japan Stir-Fry Pan 30 Centimeter 11.8 Inch Made In Japan - BB0FC5EV4

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  • A “dream frying pan” that keeps the best part of iron fry-pan while keeping rust away and maintenance easy. Kiwame uses special heat-treated iron by formulating layers of iron nitride and iron oxide on it's surface which makes it highly resistant to rust and incredibly strong and durable.

  • Using Your Kiwame Frying Pan Before first use: 1) Wash the pan well 2) It is not necessary to season (pre-burn) the pan, but you need to coat the pan surface with cooking oil. How to coat the pan surface with cooking oil before cooking: 1) Pour a ladle full of cooking oil into the pan and cover the surface by rotating the pan slowly. 2) Put it on low heat for about 5 minutes and turn off the heat. 3) Return the oil back into a oil pot or a suitable container.

  • 4) Use paper towel or cloth to spread the oil that remains in the pan fully around its inner surface. 5) It is recommended to repeat this procedure every time you use the pan for it's best performance. After usage: 1) Wash the pan with scrub brush or bamboo brush while the pan is still hot. We suggest not to use soap to keep the oil on the surface, but it is up to you. 2) Dry the pan well and store in the dry place.

  • 1) If the handle become loose, tighten the bolt. If tightening the bolt does not solve the problem, please stop using the pan as it is very dangerous to keep cooking with the loose handle. 2) If you have burned the food and food is stuck to the pan, pour some water and boil on low heat to soften the burned food first. Then, scrub with the brush.

  • ・Flat bottom wok shaped fry-pan has high heat conductivity and induction heater compatible. The thickness is 1.6mm which is perfect for frying. Very well balanced. Keeps conducts of heat very well and cooks crisp stir-fry and creates aromatic roasts. The iron nitride surface is easily coated with cooking oil and creates high standard non-stick surface. Naturally adds dietary iron to all food prepared with it. Incredibly rust-resistant and requires only little maintenance. Can be used with all stoves, including 200v IH (electromagnetic cookers). Please understand that the product changes it's colour to darker colour after the first use.

    River Light Kiwame Premium Japan Stir-Fry Pan 30 Centimeter 11.8 Inch Made In Japan - BB0FC5EV4