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Top Five Best Fantasy Fits For Allen Robinson

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With 102 catches, 1,250 yards, and six touchdowns with Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky at QB, Allen Robinson continues to be one of the most underappreciated receivers in the league.

Having gone almost his entire career playing without a good QB, Robinson has still put up great numbers. He finished as a top-10 receiver in fantasy last year in an abysmal Chicago Bears offense.

Looking ahead to next season, where should fantasy owners want Robinson to go? Here are the top five spots that I would love to see Robinson go.

Before I begin, the Indianapolis Colts are also a team that could go after AROB but with a question mark at QB, they just missed the cut.

5. New York Jets

This isn’t just a place where I would want Robinson to go, this is also a spot where I could easily see Robinson going. The Jets have A TON of cap room and if Robinson wants to go to an even bigger market, New York is the spot.

If AROB chose the Jets he would be teaming up with Denzel Mims, who may not have had the rookie season many believe he was going to, but Mims showed a ton of promise and I really like him as a breakout candidate for year two.

The biggest question surrounding this whole thing is QB. The Jets don’t have a solid plan right now, but they do have the No. 2 overall pick which I would love for them to use on Zach Wilson or Justin Fields. Sam Darnold is NOT the answer for the Jets and the sooner they realize that, the better.

This isn’t the most enticing spot for Allen Robinson to go obviously, but he should still put up big numbers and alongside Mims I believe they could form a deadly duo.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars are a sleeper team for next year. Trevor Lawrence is coming to Florida with an already solid WR in DJ Chark and a stud running back James Robinson. The three of them should all be on fantasy rosters this season.

Why not add another weapon? A proven weapon for Trevor Lawrence, giving him a go-to guy before he even snaps his first ball. TLAW is one of the greatest QB prospects in history, and I, along with many others, think he is going to be a top gunslinger in this league for years to come.

I feel very confident in saying Lawrence and Robinson could easily tear up every secondary in the AFC South. This duo could be unreal together and I think it would be a huge boost in Robinson’s fantasy output.

Expect more targets, more catches, and most importantly, more touchdowns.

3. Chicago Bears

This may technically be cheating but why shouldn’t Robinson stay with Chicago? He loves the fans and the city, but the team itself has failed to put a solid QB to throw to him. Yet, AROB still balls out every game.

He was a top-10 fantasy WR this season and if he stays with Chicago, I truly believe he will only put up better numbers. Even if they stick with Foles at QB (Trubisky is a free agent), Robinson will still be one of the only reliable weapons on that team.

If they bring someone else in, such as Mac Jones or Trey Lance, Robinson could thrive even more than he already has. Obviously, Robinson has a problem with the Bears, or at least the Bears have a problem with him because an extension was never signed.

Either way, if Robinson miraculously stays in CHI Town, fantasy owners shouldn’t really worry about his output.

2. Green Bay Packers

This would be every Bears fan’s worst nightmare. Rodgers and Robinson teaming up to give the Packers something they have long desired: a reliable No. 2receiver.

This would obviously boost Robinson’s fantasy potential if he had one of the most talented QB’s in history slinging him the rock. Defenses wouldn’t know who to cover with both Robinson and consensus No. 2 fantasy WR Davante Adams on the same team.

This would make the Packers the best offense in the NFC and would give AROB fantasy owners the same feeling of a little kid on Christmas. As a Viking fan, I would personally hate this. However, as a fantasy football fan, I have to just drool at the possibility of this.

The only problem is that the Packers are in cap hell. If they can move the right pieces and free up some money, a one-year deal for Robinson could quite possibly happen.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Was there any doubt? The Chiefs are similar to the Packers in the way they are already explosive on offense, and by adding Robinson they would become unstoppable.

In this scenario, the Chiefs don’t resign Sammy Watkins and replace him with a much more talented option. This would only be for one year however, because I genuinely do not know how KC would be able to give AROB a larger contract.

Any time a player goes to an offense like KC, their value skyrockets. The overall explosiveness of its offense is a dream come true. Honestly, there will be some leagues in which three Chiefs players go in the first round (Mahomes, Hill, Kelce). Add Robinson to the mix and you have five Chiefs players going possibly in the first four rounds (adding Clyde Edwards-Helaire).

This to me just sounds way too perfect. The Chiefs might not be able to pull it off with the amount of money they are giving to players. By adding Robinson, KC becomes Super Bowl favorites if they weren’t already.

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