Jerry Jeudy

At least one Broncos WR will produce in fantasy football this year. Determining between Jerry Jeudy and Courtland Sutton at the current moment is almost impossible because we don’t know who the starting QB will be. If Drew Lock is the starting QB, I like Sutton. If it’s Teddy Bridgewater, I like Jeudy. Taking a look at the skillsets of these two receivers backs that up as Sutton is more of a big play deep threat, perfect for Lock’s big arm, and Jeudy is the better underneath route runner, perfect for Bridgewater’s conservative play style. Lock and Sutton’s connection is clear from the 2019 season when, in the five games Lock started, Sutton received a 25.6% target share. Reports from minicamp also back up my belief that Jeudy and Bridgewater would be a good fit as they seem to have developed a pretty immediate connection. Once the QB situation in Denver becomes clearer – which will hopefully happen in the preseason – it will be easy to determine which of these Denver targets should be the first one off the board.



Jeudy with Bridgewater: 90 rec, 1000 yds, 5 TDs


Sutton with Lock: 75 rec, 1000 yds, 7 TDs


By Lukas Parrish